Picking on Me.

I had a pretty surreal experience on the way home from church tonight. I felt like God was inviting me to play, well, more like pick on me. You know the way you and your spouse pick on each other? The way that it doesn’t seem fun at first because the things you are picking on, have some truth to them, but it doesn’t matter, because from the depths you know it’s rooted in love, and not pain, never pain, always love. Then after the picking is over, you both realize how much fun you’re having.  You know what I’m talking about? Maybe it hasn’t happened with a spouse, but surely you’ve had a friend, maybe long long ago with whom you could pick. There’s something magical, maybe it’s love, maybe its deeper, because if someone else said it, or did it, you’d be pissed. But this person, they’re giving you a hard time, because if for no other reason they can. It’s playful and it’s how inside jokes are formed, it’s deeply personal and pretty intimate. Tonight, that’s what He did. He picked on me, in a way that was deeply loving, fun, embarrassing, and for no other reason but to play. God in his greatness, isn’t only calling me to do the hard things, or the mighty things, or try to hear a still small voice all the time, He does those things from time to time, and it’s needed. But tonight, He picked on me. We laughed. I love him more because of it. He’s opening up to me, or rather, I’m seeing Him for what He truly is. A faithful father and a dear friend. One who likes to pick on me.  

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