Neck Deep

Two more days. Christmas is just around the corner of the calendar. Before we know it we will be neck deep in wrapping paper and gift boxes, we will probably throw away a few gifts without even knowing it. Half of what will be in the stockings will never get used. When I was a kid I got a few things every year in my stocking. Those things included: fingernail clippers, chap stick, an apple, an orange, house slippers, black church socks, and a calculator. Now with exception of the fruit, it seems that I am always looking for those things. Hum. Maybe that’s why “Santa” put those things in my stocking every year, maybe “Santa” was always looking for those items too. Hum. OK, I’ve got to go buy some nail clippers.


Welcome to Blogworld

Hi, I have given in, I will now attempt to blog. I’m sorry, I’ve stooped to this level. Blogs are so “TRENDY.” I’ll try to be relevant with out being trendy.