Church in the NW

Our family just got back from a week of vacation in the Seattle, WA area. I had the chance on Sunday to visit a couple of churches…yes, I’m a church nerd, I really dig visiting churches in other cities.  So here are my observations:

Seattle Church Observations:


•Nursery worker not there 5 minutes before church.
•The lady leading worship busted out in a flute solo, it was awesome.
•The congregation sang in unison…except the lady behind me, but she tried.
•Pastor shared a need of helping tow a car of a single mother. Very cool.
•Worship is done in the dark, because worship isn’t about the musicians.
•Excellent spaces.
•Good coffee.
•Prophecy service, commissioning of leaders night.
•Powerful. Super powerful, brought me back to my pentecostal roots.
•9 month – 3 year process of training leaders.
•Amazing how much they’ve done in 16 years.
•Met the pastor, he gave me his email address, told me if there was anything he could help us out with to let him know.
•Blown away by how good God is.



    • Wade
    • February 15th, 2011

    We are awaiting for a return visit 🙂

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