My Dog

Topic: Tahoe

Tahoe. Her name is Tahoe. She was named after a truck. Shortly after Kellie and I got married, she started wanting kids. I was scared, so I got her a dog. A puppy. Something that she could love and care for, something that would make her feel secure when I wasn’t there with her. So we bought a 6 week old Golden retriever, and named her Tahoe. We were pretty obsessed with the Chevy Tahoe’s at the time. We thought that getting one would make the day a bit brighter, but we were young, and trying to do the right thing, so we decided that we didn’t need that truck. So that’s how our little loveable puppy got her name. She became the Tahoe we never had.

She’s spent some time with us, then lived with my parents for a while, now she’s back with us. She’s 9. Getting old. But I love that dog, more than I could ever love a truck.

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