Draw 4

Topic: The merging of Uno and important decisions in life.

In 2001 I learned a new game, speed Uno. I don’t think that it’s a true legit game, but that night in my cousin’s house, we laid down some speed Uno, it was awesome. Here were our basic rules. If you can play, then be the first to play. Draw +2 and Draw +4 combine, so whomever the last one that throws down, the person next to them is pretty screwed. Draw 8, 16, I think someone drew 32 cards that night. It was insane. Then it was over.

Such is life.

In my short 32 years on this planet I’ve learned a few things. One is that opportunities are typically short. Get in, get out or get run over.  Secondly, when it rains, it pours. Thirdly, it all ends pretty quickly.

So when it comes to living life, I think I’ll play my hand. I’ll win some, I’ll lose some. I’ll have fun.

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