Feet washing.

I grew up in a church where we did feet washing. I admit, it’s pretty weird. Actually, it’s very weird, and truth is I hated it every time I had to take part. They got it from the book of John chapter 13. Basically Jesus was about to be betrayed before his time on earth would end.  He was hanging out with his crew, and after dinner He jus got up and started washing their feet. They objected. He went on to tell them that it was now their duty to wash each others feet. Boom. Gross. Especially back in Jesus’ day. People walked everywhere with only sandals, no paved roads, just a lot of dust. I can image that their feet were super nasty. Peoples feet are gross, really gross. So for those of you have never been subjected to this Biblical act, let you in on a secret. Washing other people’s feet is disgusting, but manageable. Having someone else wash your feet, may be the most humbling thing you’ll ever be involved in. Don’t believe me, try it.

Washing others feet is less about cleanliness and more about humility. Jesus demonstrated humility, commanded us to follow him. Be humble. Pride won’t work in this Christian life. I hope that I never have to take part of another church service feet washing, but I also hope that I don’t let pride take control in my heart, but be humble in all things.

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