My friend Willie is trying to give himself a nickname, he’s breaking all the rules. Rule number one of nicknaming is, you can’t give yourself a nickname, someone else has to do it. I’m not very good with making up nicknames. People ask me all the time if D’Art is a nickname. It’s not. I don’t really have a nickname. But I’m a big fan of nicknames, I think they can help propel you to the next level if used correctly.

I’m  a pretty big football fan, so in 2001 when WWE mogul Vince McMahon launched the XFL, I was pretty stoked. The league only lasted one season, then folded. I only remember a couple of things about the league. I remember that the XFL was played during the NFLs offseason. I also remember that there was a pretty rad punt rule. The only other thing I remember is that the players didn’t have to have their names across the back of the jersey, nicknames took place of legal names. There were some pretty funny and clever nicknames. Truthfully the only one that I can still remember almost 10 years later is this guy who had the name “HE HATE ME” across the back of his jersey. He dominated the running game. After the league folded he got picked up by the Carolina Panthers. I think he even tried to get “HE HATE ME” on his NFL jersey, he failed in his attempt. But hey, because there was so much talk about his grammatically incorrect moniker, he made it into the NFL, and he was pretty decent.

So if you could break the rules, like my friend Willie is trying to do, what would your nickname be?

    • Erin
    • September 8th, 2010

    Lil Swagger

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