Love doesn’t get the respect it should. It’s shoved into cereal boxes and shouted at football games, it’s mistreated and used as a tool of coercion. Love is often times the belle of the ball at masquerade parties. In fact we’ve sown it onto our sleeves and have tossed it into the trash after we’ve finished the last sip of mocha goodness.

The truth is Love is over-played and under appreciated. It’s been whored out to the lowest common denominator. Next time you’re at work count how many times some one says they “love” something. It can be sickening, especially if you have a grasp of what it truly should be.

It’s beautiful. It’s powerful. It waits. It’s transformational. It’s healing. It’s free. It’s classy. It wins. It believes. It is kind. Love never fails.

Let’s love more. Let’s share our hearts, our souls, our desires, our trust, our love. The world will be a better place.

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