GOOD friends

I don’t consider myself a man with a lot of GOOD friends. I mean I have a fair amount of acquaintances, and I know a bunch of really nice people, but as far as GOOD friends go, I’m in a deficit. Actually, I find myself telling my wife that I need more GOOD friends. When I say GOOD friend, I’m talking about the guy or girl with whom you can share everything. The dude that can hurt with you and laugh at you. The girlfriend who can drink Chai with you and call out your shortcomings, to make you a better person. The guy you can tell you have a pornography addiction to. Or the girl with whom you can tell your darkest secrets to. Those lifetime type friends not just the passerby’s.

Just as a curiosity how many GOOD friends do you have?

To my GOOD friends, I truly do love you. I couldn’t imagine doing life without you.

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