Dirty Notes

If by the title, you thought this blog post is about Jazz, you are wrong. Keep reading.

Almost everyday I take my lunch to work. It’s typically leftovers of what we had the previous night. It ranges from hot dogs to tacos, from sandwiches to salad. Not only do I take lunch, it’s usually a pretty elaborate get up. For example when I take hot dogs, I also take buns, chili, tater tots, baked beans, cheese and some type of fruit. It’s easy to say that I make people jealous with my smorgasbord of food, and compared to their microwave dinners, I can’t blame them.  While it’s true that I usually take my lunch to work, it’s also true that I don’t actually pack it, my wife Kellie is responsible for that. I don’t make her do it, I think she likes doing it. She wants me to eat well, plus she has a secret weapon.

Everyday that she packs my lunch, she leaves me notes. Sometimes the notes are on napkins or on the ziplock baggies and other times she’ll write directly on the fruit or wrapper. She is very clever. Her notes are generally very sweet. Saying things like, “I’m super proud of you.” or “Hope you have a fantastic day.” Other times her notes are a bit more edgy, “You are a sexy beast.” or “You just wait until...”  Notes like these, I usually show to people. The people at work get a kick out of these notes, and so do I, it may be my favorite time of the work day. But my all-time favorite notes are the ones that I can’t show to anyone, the dirty notes. These notes are funny, crude, sexual, and would make a sailor blush…and I love them. They catch me off guard every time.

Do your spouse a favor, slip a note in their lunch or wallet. Start with the nice ones, then hit them with the good ones.  Trust me, it’ll make their day better.

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