Do Good

I live a pretty privileged life. I drive a car. I live in a house. I drink clean water. My kids go to school. I have too many shoes. I have access to medial attention. I’m a free man. Nobody is trying to kill me (that I know of). I have the internet on my phone. I can take a shower whenever I want to. We have a big TV, and an Xbox, and a Wii, and a computer. I even have a house for my car, a garage…which my car doesn’t even live in because I have boxes and boxes of stuff taking up that space, which won’t fit into my house.

I am blessed.

And so are you.

Let’s do good. Let’s not get caught up in how little we have, but let’s do good with all that we have. Support a charity, get involved, change a life, change the world. Here’s how you can help:

VNecks are for Girls: Helping girls feel: loved. cherished. secure. Also making fun of guys who wear vnecks. This charity will be launching sometime in October. You’ll be able to buy some sweet vneck shirts. Join the cause.
Love146: Check out their site. They are all about helping girls get out of the international sex trade. Pretty heart wrenching stuff. Get involved.
Compassion International: Sponsor a kid, help a village. Our family has been support a kid from Africa for the past 7 years. It’s not expensive, plus you get pretty cool letters from your sponsored kid.
TWLOHA: Started as a help to a friend who was cutting herself. Life is worth living. Good, good stuff. Buy a shirt, tell someone they are beautiful.
Toms Shoes: My wife has a pair of these trendy shoes. The coolest part, when she purchased these shoes a kid somewhere who doesn’t have shoes, get’s a pair. Get a pair, give a pair.

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