Pastor, How much money do you make?

Disclaimer: The target audience of this blog should be the local church leader. If you aren’t one of those, you are welcome to keep reading, if not, I’ll post another blog tomorrow, no worries. After all it’s only day 11 of my 30 day blog challenge. Here we go.

I spent 10 plus years serving on staffs of several churches. And just like in the business world, nobody talks about money, at least not where I worked. I mainly served as a college and student pastor. Hanging out with the students, teaching on Wednesday night, a Sunday every now and again, and running the day-to-day operation of that ministry was my job. In my 10 years in youth ministry, I never made more than $35k a year. A decent wage for a 20 something. I was content for the most part with my wage and tried not to think about it too much.

Fast forward a couple of years. We are in the process (a seemingly endless process) of one day starting a church in Boston, MA.  I also work a full-time job and try to bring home the bacon every couple of weeks. I’ve done better, I’ve done worse. It’s my plan to provide for my wife and children. I want to give them nice things. Please don’t think I’m anti-money, I’m not.

OK, with that out-of-the-way, let me ask a question, really more for my curiosity than anything. Pastor, how much money do you make?  Let me tell you where this question came from. I was watching an online prayer service, where people could submit prayers online, and others could read them and pray for the said prayer. I came across a prayer that read something like this. “Pray for our finances. I recently stepped down from our church as the lead pastor to plant a new church, I felt like God was telling me to plant. I  took a $75k/year pay cut to plant this church. Pray for us.”

Wait, what? If you took a $75/k year pay cut, and you’re currently making…..then you made….Wait What?!?

Seriously, Pastor, How much money do you make?

    • Zach
    • August 27th, 2010

    I have worked in the church staff gig for about 10 years as well. Before my current job, I never made over 35k either. I make somewhat more than that now but no where near 75k. The cost of living is much greater here and I could make out the same with much less in other places. It is funny how money is so hush-hush in the church world among staffers. It makes it dog-eat-dog in my opinion and contributes to staff jumping ship to other churches for more money. Ministry shouldn’t be that way but it’s no different than the secular workplace in that way. Plus, senior pastors abuse their underlings far too much and far too often.

    • allenrogers
    • August 28th, 2010

    $23,400/yr no benefits. fulltime youth pastor. my wife has a good job at the bank so we get benefits through her. i feel blessed.

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