No Haggle, No Hassle.

On my way home tonight, I was listening to the radio, and out of all the commercials that were playing, one in particular caught my attention. This commercial was for a local car dealership, touting its HUGE indoor showroom, that you could use to beat the heat, then these words came forth,

“Shop with us for the easiest car buying experience. We have No haggle pricing. NO HAGGLE, NO HASSLE!!”

Now to be completely clear, this wasn’t an ad for Carmax, but for some Toyota, Honda or Ford place in town. You and I both know that we could walk into that dealership and haggle with them, in fact, they would invite the opportunity to get our business. We’d walk onto the lot and be greeted by an overly zealous, slightly overweight guy with too much cologne on. We’d take a ride in the car of our choice, then we’d sit down in a cubicle and be asked what kind of monthly payments we can afford. We’d say an amount then he’d have to go ask the “Finance Manager,” he’d come back grinning, with an even more ridiculous offer….We’ve all been there.  It’s a hustle and the furthest thing from “No haggle, No hassle.”

A few years of bad suits and slimy car salesmen have made it impossible for me to buy into this whole no haggle deal. I want to, because it seems a better way of buying a car.

I think a lot of people feel the same way about Christianity, and it bums me out.

I’m sorry we’ve been wearing a bad suit for so many years. It’s easier than we’ve made it.

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