The Middle.

There is a pretty big difference between perceived reality and actuality.

Perceived Reality goes like this: My name is D’Art. I’m an easy-going guy, who’s a lot of fun to be around. I’m passionate and take some pretty big risks. And I’m a big guy with some pretty big hair.

Actuality goes like this: I go by D’Art because it makes me feel cooler, my real name is D’Artagnon, which is actually my middle name. My first name is Jonathan, would you think I’m as cool if you knew me as Jon? People freak me out, especially people I don’t know, I’m pretty introverted. I am passionate and take pretty big risks, I also fail, a lot. The only reason I have big curly hair is because I don’t like my ears, self-conscious thing.

Here’s the truth. What you think about yourself, the actuality, isn’t as bad as you think. And what others think about you, the perceived reality, isn’t as good as they think. You’re not as fat as you think you are, you’re also not as witty as you think you are. So live somewhere in the middle.

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