Doors and Windows.

I hear a lot of talk about doors and windows. “D’Art, if this door closes, then another one will open,” in respect to the future. Then there is the alway cheesy platitude of “If God closes a door he opens a window.”   And when things go bad, I’ve even heard,  “I tend to spend a lot of time in the hallway looking at neither a door or a window.” I’m as guilty as the next to rely on this kind of thinking. I guess it offers hope. You know, just because you didn’t get the promotion this time, there’s always next time, kind of stuff. But I’m beginning to think that this kind of thinking is weak. It just doesn’t hold up.

Here’s what I mean. When I say, “This door closed, but hopefully another one will open.” I actually mean, “Dude, this sucks, and I hate my current situation.” This is kind of hard to write, because I’ve been saying this exact thing for the past couple of years. Instead of looking for another door to another opportunity, maybe I should be enjoying the right here, right now. I’m not good at that, I guess it’s a part of the dreamer deal. I just need someone, usually my wife, to say, “D’Art, enjoy the now.”  After all, not every open door is a good door to go through. Enjoy the ride, you’ll get to the destination soon enough, don’t jump out of the car on the way there, just because the door came open.

On the other hand, stop window shopping into others lives and situations. The “window” that has opened in reaction to your door closing, isn’t intended to bring lust into your life. It isn’t for offering hope into what others have. The window is meant for others to look in on you, in the mist of your struggle, to offer them hope. People are counting on you. People need you to make the right decision. Don’t give up when everything seems to be working against you.

Roll down the window and enjoy the ride.

    • Jason
    • August 24th, 2010

    Dude, this might be your best post yet. I needed to read this. “Enjoy the now” is timeless.

    • Noelle De Atley
    • August 25th, 2010

    Faith is believing in the unknown. To me, the “unknown” are the hallways between the doors and windows. My trouble is knowing when I am doing my will vs. God’s will. Is it my will to kick down the door in front of me, or does God know me well enough to expect I will be kicking down doors.
    To simplify my faith, I do the footwork and leave the results up to God. I fool myself into thinking I know what God’s intent is for me. When the results are different from my direction, I forget my faith and am lost in the hallway again.
    This is probably why I like Tub Thumping by Chumbawumba.
    I love your analogy of rolling down the windows and enjoying the ride. I needed to hear that today because my ride is rather bumpy this week. I have been on worse rides and am grateful. There’s the rub.
    The hallway is always brightened when you remember to roll down the windows, enjoy the ride and be grateful.
    Thank you, Dude.

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