Ink Alert.

Tattoos are rad. Here’s a fun post to help kick off the week. Every one tells a story. Enjoy. Sorry Grandma.

This was my first experience of going under the needle. This is on my shoulder blade on my back.

This guy started as the hands holding the world at the top of my right shoulder, and made it’s way down my arm. I’m probably going to end it on my forearm somewhere, with a city scape. It’ll look pretty sweet. Going for a 3/4 sleeve.

I picked up this sweet deal that’s on my left forearm, while I was visiting San Francisco earlier this year. This being my first visible tattoo, I’ve gotten a ton of positive feedback from it. Everybody asks me what it means. It’s special to me.

These belong to my wife.
This was her first one. A small butterfly on her hip. Hidden and excellent for the rebellious college student.

This beauty is proof that she graduated High School in the mid 90’s. Tramp Stamp.

This one is nuts-o. A rib piece that I sat with her through. I don’t think she flinched once. Insane.

So if you want to know what I think about tattoos, I hope I answered your question.

    • Jason
    • August 24th, 2010

    Didn’t realize you had the Devotion tattoo. The Abacus is my fav. Love how it looks and what it stands for. I want a cool tattoo.

  1. so this is why you woke me up last night and took pics!! nice. 🙂

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