I know nothing about fashion. Nothing. With my knowledge or lack there of, I’d like to address a few fashion questions I have. Feel free to enlighten me if you happen to have the answers. Here we go.

1. What’s up with guys wearing those pointy toed shoes/boots? They can’t be comfortable. Any shoe that curls up on the end should only be worn if you’re playing an elf at Christmas time.
2. V-Necks, I don’t get them. I mean I get them on girls, in fact I like them on girls. I can’t understand why any man would want to wear one.
3. Skinny Jeans. Why dude, why?
4. Louis Vuitton. I work at an upscale mall with a LV store in it. I must say, these bags are the ugliest bags ever. That LV must be a status symbol, because it’s not attractive, at all.
5. Why does my wife change 3-8 times, every time, before we go out? Even when I say that I like what she’s wearing, she’ll come out with a totally different outfit on, even when we were supposed to leave 7 minutes ago.
6. When going to a sporting event, why does everyone feel the need to wear a jersey? I mean, I’ve even seen jerseys at a game that not only isn’t supporting the home or away team, but supporting a team of a totally different sport all together. Why?
7. Tank tops. I saw a 35-year-old man wearing a tank top the other day. Not a wife beater, but a legit tank top. Like the one a 7-year-old boy wears.  Who even makes tank tops in this size? Stop it.
8. Who was the genius behind “vintage cut?” Vintage cut for those wearing a small or medium is OK.  But no manufacturer should produce an xl or xxl in vintage cut. I’ve come to realize that anything labeled, vintage cut, is actually 2 sizes smaller than the tagged size.

Go ahead, answer my questions and if you like these questions, you might enjoy

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