I was going to write this huge long diatribe about how systems, as helpful as they may be, can also be restrictive. For example, in church, a system that’s set in place to help keep church on time so the next service can come in on time, can also be restrictive to a move of God during the service. But I’m not going to talk about that.

When I started this #30blog thing, I decided to write my blogs at night when I tend to be the most creative. I’m a night owl after all. Not a real owl, just an expression…I diverge. I set up a “system” of sorts (blogging at night) so that I could stay focused and be creative. However, the system that I set up, while great for my brain, has been restrictive in my home life. My wife has been going to bed while I stay up and blog. OK for a few days, but not a great system.

My point: Follow a system, but when it doesn’t work, throw it out the window and go snuggle with your wife.

    • bob
    • August 22nd, 2010

    I like….more.more..

  1. i concur!!

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