I’m a dreamer. It’s easy for me to fly at 30,000 feet and see the big picture. Here are a couple of dreams I have. A hopeful glimpse into my world of future visionerring.

Boston: One day we’re going to move to Boston and be a part of starting a church in the middle of the city. A light in a dark city. Community in a lonely place. It’s my dream to be a part of something bigger than myself, to be a part of a story of faith, mercy and grace.

Tee Shirts: Lately my mind has been a lot on tee shirts. A couple of friends from work  and I have joined forces to help change some girls lives. We’re starting a Non-Profit with the aim to help girls get out of bad situations, so that they could be loved, cherished and secure. We’re going to print up vneck tees and sell them. We’re going to fly to the far reaches of the world and show love. We’re going to make a difference. You’ll soon find our stuff in major retailers, buy it. It’s going to a good cause. Right now just a dream, but soon a reality.

My Daughters: I have 3 incredibly talented, beautiful and gracious daughters. My oldest daughter is sharp, nothing gets by her. She is kind-hearted, compassionate, and has a beautiful voice, I’m excited to see how she leaves her mark on this world. One word: Leader.  My middle girl is generous and intensely creative. She’s already said she wants to be a fashion designer. I can see her opening a shop in some trendy city or cities and giving a huge chunk of her profits to help those less fortunate than herself. One word: Generous.  My little one is a trip. Funny, compassionate and a pure joy. She will make you smile and has wide open heart. One word: Compassionate. My dream is that they would all grow up to be humble but confident world changers.

My Wife: If you know her, consider yourself blessed because she is amazing. I’m pretty stoked that I get to live life with her. The truth is that with her, I’m already living my dream. Plus I can’t let you in on my dreams for her, because you’d probably be a little embarrassed, and I’m not sure I can say those things on this blog…You get my point. I love her. I adore her. She is mine, and I am hers.

It’s imperative that you have a dream for your future. Now go, dream.

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