Playing in the Rain.

Our family took a day trip last month to see some waterfalls. We were going waterfall hunting! After packing the car with swimsuits, sunscreen, a picnic lunch, and the dog, we headed for the mountains.  It was a pretty incredible day. The kids were great on the ride, the sun was shining, and I was going to see some waterfalls, and play in others, who wouldn’t be excited?

We made it to the Pisgah Forrest, and passed by a waterfall before we even knew it. YES!  Before we got rolling with a day of hiking, and playing in the water, we thought it would be a good idea to get something in our bellies. GET IN MY BELLY. So we found a picnic table and made sandwiches and ate watermelon. God was smiling on us. As we were packing up our lunch, a storm started to roll in. Someone said, “Who knows, maybe it’ll be a quick storm.” With the thought that it may be just a passing storm, we headed back down to the falls we passed on our way in. We found a parking spot, and then the heavens opened up. It poured down rain.

We waited in the car for a bit, but it didn’t let up. It wasn’t until one of my daughters said, “It’s just rain, Dad,” did I realize that I was letting a perceived road block screw up our day. She was right, it was just rain.  So we got out of the car, no umbrella, no swimsuits, just us the dog and the rain. We played in the rain the entire day and had the time of our lives, made some incredible memories, and got to slide down a waterfall. We empowered the rain and made it work for us, instead of working around it.

It’s not always as easy as playing in the rain, but sometimes it is. It’s like I can hear God saying to me, “It’s just rain, it’s just money, it’s just fear, it’s just insecurity.”

Go, play in the rain.

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