30 Days of Blog

Thanks to my buddy @yarby, I’ve decided to take the #30blog challenge…I’m not sure it’s a challenge at all, or even what #30blog actually means, but I’m going to go for it and blog for 30 straight days.  Before I get started I’d like to lay down a couple of ground rules though.

Rule 1. I’m not very good at spelling, or good at grammar either, so don’t bust my balls about it. I’m working on it.
Rule 2. I’ve made a list of 30 random things I’d like to write about. There is no particular order, and the blog probably won’t flow from day-to-day, but hey, who cares.
Rule 3. If you like something I say, tell me, if you don’t like something I have to say, tell me.
Rule 4. If I miss a day, call me out on it. Call me up, text me, tweet me. Consistency is what I’m after.
Rule 5. If I post after midnight, it can be for either the day that just passed, or the one coming up.
Rule 6. There is no rule 6.

Tomorrow’s Topic: Church

    • Jason
    • August 17th, 2010

    Love it man. Consistency is key to producing content. For me the #30blog was about the discipline to write more and dive into that creative area of my life more consistently. I’m glad you’re doing this with me! I look forward to reading the posts and the thoughts. I think you’ll enjoy it and get hooked on it!

    • Big D’Art
    • August 19th, 2010

    Thanks man.

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