A hurting heart and a soverign God.

Tonight my heart hurts for people I love. It reminds me of the time Kellie and I got sued. We were just newlyweds and we were following our dreams and we just picked up our first ministry position at a church. Our entire lives were infront of us and we knew it. Then out of the blue we had the Sherrif knocking on our door early in the morning, serving us papers, a summons to apper in court. We were being sued by our previous landlord for destroying her house. Now anyone who knows me, knows that isn’t too far fetched, but if you know Kellie, the mere idea of that notion is laughable at best. We didn’t think she had a chance to collect on her $10,000 suit, after all we only lived there for 10 months and we were clean people and plus, God loved us.

God had other ideas. We lost the lawsuit. It ticked me off it made my heart hurt, and I couldn’t understand it. All I could hold into was the fact that through it all, God was still soverign.

Tonight isn’t about me and this time nobody got sued but my heart still hurts. And again I’m holding onto the fact that God is still soverign, and He will always be.

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