Be Who you Are

Be who you are.  I know it sounds simple, but for some reason most of us can’t figure it out. I get so ticked off at myself for trying to be something I’m not.  I try to find the cool, hip shirts, you know the ones that are embroidered and bedazzled, but they don’t have them my size.  The truth is, I can’t stand those shirts, but since they are popular, for some reason I want to be like everyone else.  Too many of us, need to find out who we are.

Figure out who you are on the inside.  Take time to, bleed, cry, hide, seek, run, stop, walk, dance, dream, go.  So this is who I am:

I’m a big dude, who is passionately chasing my dream.  I can rock the Mop Top hair style, better than anyone I know.  I can speak vision, and hope to the deepest part of who you are.  I can see your potential.  I’ll never be the coolest cat in the room, and I’m OK with that.   I won’t be the most stylish, happening, hippster out there, I’ll never wear my sisters pants or deep plunging v-neck shirts, but, I will be me, Chuck Taylors and all.  Don’t try to be me, you’ll fail.

Be who you are.

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