He Speaks My Love Language

Last night I woke up in the middle of the night to the howling wind.  I listened as the wind whipped around my house and sounded like it was destroying limbs and branches on every tree nearby.  I wasn’t afraid.  In fact I found myself smiling, not wanting to fall back asleep.  Because this was the second night in a row that the weather was flirting with me.  The night before I woke up to one of the most impressive thunder and lightning storm I may have ever witnessed.  It was incredible.  I knew that I was loved.

I have always had an inclination to nature oddities, and for some strange reason I believe that God is trying to tell me that He has everything in control during these times.  In 1997 El Nino hit the California cost, and I was living in the San Francisco Bay area.  One particular night I stood by the Light House in Santa Cruz while waves from the ocean broke over the sea wall and onto the road.  I was ecstatic.  God was in control of the waves.  I clearly was not.  I felt loved.

I’m not sure how to express my thankfulness other than, I’m glad that He speaks my Love Language.

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