I don’t typically have a addictive personality.  I’ve never really been addicted to anything.  I have a bunch of likes and preferables, but no real have-too’s and must-haves.  Ever since I was a wee little lad I’ve wanted to collect something.  I’ve tried Baseball cards, and decided that I liked the 16 year old piece of gum that was included more than I enjoyed the cards themselves.  After baseball cards came hats.  I loved hats, big hats, small hats, silly hats, and sports hats.  Then my hair got too big and I could no longer wear hats.  Lame.  My worst collection of sorts was Hawaiian shirts.   My wife still reminds me of that horrible misguided phase in my life.  

These days I’ve found a new vice.  Shoes.  Specifically Chuck Taylor All Stars.  More specifically Low-top Chuck Taylor All Stars.  I’ve got a couple pairs.  How many you ask?  I’m not telling.  But you can check out some pics here: Part of D’Art’s Chuck Taylor Collection


  1. Shoes? Dude, you’re officially a girl!

    Just messin’! Happy New Year to you guys!

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