Tonight my wife was supposed to go to the movies with her friend Amy.  It was billed as a “girls night.” I was instructed that I got a night with the kids while she hit the town.  OK, maybe not the town, but the AMC.  So I was just hanging out in my finest “do nothing, sit around the house” clothes when our friend Dawn arrived.  I said something to Kellie along the lines of, “Hey Dawn’s here,  she must have just stopped by on her way home from work.”  Kellie smiled.  After some chit chat with Dawn, Kellie looked at me and told me to get dressed. 

Surprise.  It’s Date Night!  It would be me that she was going out with tonight, and not Amy.  Dawn was our evening babysitter.  WHAT?!?!  I was blindsided.  I LOVE MY WIFE!  She’s the best!

  1. holla. nookie nookie. Thats my dawg.

  2. Wives are wonderful creations, aren’t they? My wife sometimes surprises me, too. I think they are just bound to think about things like you described more than we do; at least that’s the way it is around here.

    I am so thankful the Lord invented women; He knew exactly what we needed. Sometimes she says “we’re going to such and such” and I’ve learned to just say, “okay.”

    Thanks for a great post.

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