Church Review: Renovatus Church

This morning our church, Elevation Church, didn’t have services.  So instead of staying home, I took advantage of the opportunity and headed to a church I’ve heard a lot about.  Renovatus Church.  There is a ton of learning opportunities that come from visiting different churches.  Kellie stayed home because she didn’t want to fight with the kids and a “new church.”  

Lesson 1. Have great children’s stuff.  And spell it out very clearly on your website.  I can’t speak for Renovatus and their children’s ministry, as my kids stayed home this morning. 

Lesson 2. Don’t have a meet and greet time.  I’m naturally an introvert, and I was already spending time at a new place all by myself.  The only thing that could make me more uncomfortable would be a 5 minute “hug your neighbor” time.  Renovatus did this.  I stood around and I’m sure looked awkward.  

Lesson 3. Incorporate liturgy.   Its been a long time since I’ve been to a church who does a responsive reading.  This morning Renovatus did an incredible time of this.  We recited the Apostles Creed as well as a responsive reading from the New Testament.   It was refreshing and renewing. 

Lesson 4. Build community.  My biggest takeaway this morning was that this church, Renovatus, was all about community.  They talked about it.  The believed in it.  They sang about it.  I could tell in the 90 minutes I was there, that community was highly valued.  

Lesson 5. Have banners.  I wasn’t quite sure where I was headed this morning when I left the house, but my trusty iPhone took me to the doorstep of the Elementary School that Renovatus met in.  The picture I saw on the Internet showed about 6 banners outside, clearly marking the entrance.  This morning there was only one….and I had to look for it.  If I were more introverted, I may have driven on by.  

Lesson 6. The leader must be personable.  Jonathan Martin is the pastor, and seems to be a down to earth and very personable.  I didn’t get to meet him, mainly because of my introvertedness.  But if I had, I’m sure I would have liked him.  His message was right on.  He preached from the Bible and did an excellent job of connecting the audience to what he was preaching. 

All in all, I really enjoyed myself.  Renovatus Church has it going on. If you’re in Charlotte and are looking for the real deal, Renovatus is an excellent choice.

  1. hmmm…”introvert” isn’t the word that comes to mind when I think of D’Art. 😉

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