Me Myself & I AM

Ok, so I haven’t blogged in a while, but there is reason for that….I’ve been reading.  Actually only partly true.  Somehow I got hooked up, with the coolness of previewing books and writing blogs about them before they are released(hints the last boring, blog).  Here’s the deal going forward, as I will continue to review books.  I’ll post my true feeling about book, not just what the publisher wants me to say.  I must say, I think that’s what they want us to do, but I feel the pressure to write a good review since I get free books. No more. Starting with this book, it’s all what I think, honestly: Me Myself & I AM.  

Probably the best devotional that I’ve done.  It’s not your typical book.  No paragraphs to read, start wherever you please, but be honest with yourself, because it’s fill in the blank.  WHAT?!?  A book that I’m supposed to write in!  Awesome.  A get to know yourself, get to know God, kind of book.  Get it, fill in the blanks, do it.  

Buy It

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