I love the underdog.  

I’m not a big MMA fan, but last night, I found myself watching what was supposed to be the Kimbo vs. Shamrock fight.  Shamrock poohed out, so someone had to fight the behemoth Kimbo Slice, that somebody would be a yahoo named Seth (The Silverback) Petruzelli.  Who calls them self a silverback?  Lame.  Petruzelli was a virtual nobody, Kimbo was an internet backyard brawler sensation.  And besides all that Petruzelli had going against him, add to that his toenails were painted pink.  This joker had no chance.  Classic Underdog.  

The bell rang, and 14 seconds later Petruzelli knocked Kimbo out. 

The Underdog wins.

I get excited.  

I paint my toenails pink.

I love the Underdog.

  1. Great fight, I loved it. They’ll be saying that about you one day when you have a huge church in Boston one day. Underdog

    • Mr. Newcastle
    • October 5th, 2008

    Missed you at Cheesecake Factory yesterday. I would like to see proof of your pink toenails.

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