How Not to Get a New Motorcycle

Friday afternoon, I received word that my parents had been involved in a Motorcycle accident.  It appears that an elderly lady was making an illegal left turn.  My dad wasn’t able to avoid the collision so his Motorcycle hit her car at about 45mph.  The impact threw both my parents off the bike and knocked them unconscious.  Thankfully they were both wearing their helmets. 

My mom was treated and released from the Hospital with some bumps and bruises and a pretty nasty case of road rash on her elbow.  She’ll be just fine, but it’s going to take some time, she is still pretty sore, and rightly so.  

My dad was admitted to the Hospital, and spent a couple of days in the ICU.  He’s going to be alright, but he is battling a ruptured spleen and a bad concussion.  He has been moved to a non-ICU room and is doing better as of last report.  I know he’ll be fine because before we left he quipped, “At least now I can get that new Motorcycle I’ve been wanting.”  Same ole’ dad, same bad humor.

  1. dude…that is not what i thought i would read when i opened tinyurl. i thought you were going to tell me something so funny. oh well your parents will be in my prayers. hey man can you call me today i want to talk about something with you…

  2. Please tell your parents I said “hi” and we’ll be praying for a fast recovery!

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