A Miracle

Nine years ago today, I somehow found my way right into the middle of a divine miracle. I witnessed something that nine years later still blows my mind. On August 28th, 1999. Kellie Smith said “I do.” To ME!! If that doesn’t qualify as a modern miracle, I’m not sure I can believe in miracles.

Thanks you Kellie for nine incredible years. I love you.

    • Mom
    • August 28th, 2008

    Thank you Dart for asking Kellie and thank you Kellie for saying I Do. What a blessing it has been to have Kellie as part of our family. We love you Mom and Dad

    • allenrogers
    • August 29th, 2008

    happy anniversary. God bless ya’ll.

  1. This blog post is like eating bubblegum-flavored cotton candy covered in pure maple syrup, honey and chocolate icing.

    AKA, you’re so sweet I just barfed and lost all my teeth simultaneously. Congrats.

  2. BTW, it’s awesome that you’ve been married that long. Rock on.

  3. your the man. congrads.
    I just put a link to your blog under mine.
    I expect the same 🙂

    Taking over Boston together.

  4. Congrats! I’m with you as Tina married to me is a modern miracle too.

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