Free Air

So, if you didn’t know already, I have terrible luck with tires.  This morning, on the way to work, my Low Tire Pressure light came on.  Dang.  At first I thought it was the tire that I patched just a couple of weeks ago.  But low and behold it wasn’t, it was a different tire.  I couldn’t believe it.  The tire wasn’t totally flat so I trucked on into work, thinking that I’d get air on my way home.  Hoping that somehow the flat tire gods would show mercy to me and refill my tire while I was at work.  That didn’t happen.

After work I pulled into the first gas station that I saw, opened my change drawer, took a deep breath, and then I saw it.  FREE AIR.   I was elated.  I thought I’d pass on the good news.  If you are ever on Fairview Road across the street from Southpark Mall in Charlotte, NC.  Stop by for some FREE AIR.

  1. Gate stations also usually have free air.

    To have to pay for air is a travesty!

  2. ah! if only I’d known this a year ago when I had to fill ALL my tires about once a week for a month. All that time I went to the Circle K on the side WITH the mall.

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