Prepreation + Being Apart of Something Bigger than Yourself = Amazing Things

I have seen this principle at work in a couple of situations this week.  Check it out:

Experience 1: Extreme Makeover Home Edition
So I had the opportunity to check out the house that is under construction this week here in Charlotte.  It’s being built by Extreme Makeover for a couple that has sacrificed for the good of others.  When watching the show on TV, I understand that it takes a lot of preparation.   But I actually got to see their work flow chart.  Extreme Preparation: Home Edition is what the show should be called.  They had times nailed down to the minute on what needed to be done and when.  I was blown away.  It had to take  months to nail those down.  Preparation.  I’ve heard it said that a minute of preparation saves an hour of perspiration.  Work smart, then hard.

We all know how it works, volunteers give of their time and energy to help this family.  The truth is, most of the volunteers had no clue who this family is.  But there is something built into us all, that need to be apart of something bigger than ourselves.  Extreme Makeover has done a great job of making that possible.  When I heard of the possibility of helping out, I jumped on board.  I submitted an application to volunteer, I must have gotten the word late.  After applying on-line I got a message that thanked me for my application, but they had all the people the needed.  After all something like 4,000 people had already signed up!  WHAT?!?!  People need to be apart of something bigger than themselves.

The preparation on the front end plus the expectancy of being apart of something bigger than ourselves yields incredible results.  Yesterday Kellie got the chance to experience “Move The Bus” day with VIP seats. How fun.

Experience 2: Elevation Church Spontaneous Baptisms
This past Sunday our church, Elevation Church, broke down some old school barriers.  Spontaneous Baptism was the call of the day.  Why go through a 3 week baptism class?  The Ethiopian in Acts didn’t, he accepted Christ and,  “…he gave orders to stop the chariot. Then both Philip and the eunuch went down into the water and Philip baptized him.”  So Pastor Furtick preached, and people moved.  No class, just the opportunity to show an outward expression of their faith.

Obviously Elevation knew they would be baptising people, the people just didn’t know they had come to church and would leave publicly proclaiming their love for Jesus, through baptism.  Elevation went above and beyond to prepare for this week.  They had: t-shirts, shorts, bras, boxers, panties, hair dryers, hair bows, hair gel, hair mousse, lotion, make-up, make up-remover, feminine hygiene products, flip-flops, towels, and if that wasn’t enough they were packaged by individual sizes.  They were crazy prepared. And it payed off.

Over 600 people were baptised this weeked, because they were given the chance to be apart of something bigger than themselves and the prepreation was off the charts.

Preparation + Being Apart of Something Bigger than Yourself = Amazing Things

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