Here we Go!

January 23rd at 7:30 pm of this year, I was sitting in Section 303, Row 8, Seat 6 for game 22 of what would become the Boston Celtics 17th Championship season, the first in 22 years. Did you follow all of that? I was there almost 5 months ago. That night I threw up a Gideon prayer, which I know you aren’t supposed to do, but I did it anyway. Tonight, prayer answered.

When I traveled to Boston back in January to see if I was hearing the heart of God correctly, (God do you really want me to start a church in Boston?) I met with a couple of church planters, Hank & John with Reunion Boston, who are already at work in the city, doing amazing things. I got the chance to pick their brains, and tell them about what I felt like God was saying. I asked them how they knew that Boston was where God was calling them to when they started. Hank told me that he prayed a silly prayer and asked God if He wanted them in Boston then let the Red Sox win the World Series. They did, and won their first title in 86 years. God answered his prayer.

So on the 23rd of January I asked God for the same favor. If you want us in Boston then let the Celtics win the NBA Championship. Tonight they did. I knew we were headed to Boston before tonight, but when that final buzzer sounded, I couldn’t help but smile.

  1. Hey Big D,
    I have another connection for you….Bart Kofoed played for Boston and He is my friend and you are my friend….sounds like something to me brother. LOL

    Boston will never be the same once you arrive. I pray for you often brother.

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