Rain + Emergency Flashers = Mad Cow

Rain is what happens when water is falling in drops from vapor condensed in the atmosphere. It happens a good bit, mostly every couple of weeks. Currently we here in North Carolina are under a drought, however we still see rain a decent amount. It’s pretty common.

Emergency Flashers are what they put on cars for EMERGENCY situations only. NC DOT says that emergency flashers should be used in Heavy Rain situations ONLY WHEN pulled over on the side of the road!!

Mad Cow is a chronic disease that affects the central nervous system of cattle. The cow literately goes crazy. She can’t think right, nothing makes sense anymore. What once was wrong is now right. It’s not pretty.

When rain happens and people are in cars, they get stupid. Truthfully. It was raining last night, a good hard pounding rain, and people decide that they need to slow down to 15 MPH on the interstate. But they figure it’s OK since they have their flashers on. It’s almost like we live in a sub-Saharan African desert that hasn’t seen rain in 28 years. People, if you are scared of a little rain, pull over, and turn on the flashers, it’s perfectly OK.  For the love of everything holy, DON’T DRIVE 15 MPH WITH YOUR FLASHERS ON BECAUSE YOU HAVE LOST YOUR EVER LOVIN MIND!!! Just because you have lost your mind doesn’t mean you have to drive us to insanity too.

So I’m convinced that these drivers of scared weather have Mad Cow, their brains have turned to mush.  Poor souls they are crazy, and I should have more sympthy for them, but I don’t.  Pull over next time.

  1. Hey man, I’ve enjoyed your recent posts (especially the “whipping, whole and skim church” stuff. I hope you guys are doing well in Charlotte. How ’bout them Celtics!

  2. Nice tirade–the referece to the cow as “she” wasn’t intentional I’m sure.

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