“I’m not a Racist!”

The other day I was in the food court at the mall trying to decide what to eat. It was a toss up between Chick-fil-a and Chinese food. Lucky for me they are positioned right next to each other. I first chose to go with the Chick, but the lure of a free sample made me change my mind. Like every mall in the US the Chinese place was giving out free samples. About the same time that I made my move from the Chick-fil-a line to acquire my free sample, a homeless man, we’ll call him Bob, was beckoned by the same temptation of free samples. The exchange which happened next was priceless.

Bob and I, both knowing that the other was there for the same reason, free samples. I asked the Chinese lady what mystery meat she was handing us on the individual toothpicks, and she said in the deepest Chinese-American accent, “Bourbon Chicken.” Bob looked at me, shrugged his shoulders and said, “Mexican Food? Hell, I ain’t Racist!”

I decided to eat there. I can say it was the best Chinese-American-Mexican food I’ve ever had.

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