The Fruit Stand

Most of you know that I have been in full-time ministry for the past 9 years. A few years ago, Kellie & I felt like God was leading us to start a church…in Boston, MA. I know, we are way out of our league. But we truly felt like God is leading us that way. Six months ago, I lost my job at the church we were at. We knew that it wasn’t fair, but God wasn’t taking something away instead He was giving us something better. Calls came in from other churches with job offers, but it didn’t feel right. I knew that the journey wouldn’t be easy. So a couple months of soul searching and the Boston calling, shifted us to be apart of a church with a laser sharp vision, Elevation Church. We felt like we could learn from what Elevation has been doing, and at the same time be in an environment where we could serve. So we packed up the truck and moved to Charlotte. NC. We had no job and only a dream.

After arriving in Charlotte, I spent weeks sending out resumes and calling places to try to secure a “real job” for this part of our journey. Even though I had a dream, I had to finance it. My plan was to pick up a job, volunteer at church, and raise money for our Boston Church at the same time. Enter the Fruit Stand. About a month ago a Fruit Stand called and offered me a job. I took it. It’s been fun learning about this one fruit we sell, and I get to spend time with people of all different backgrounds, its truly been fun.

Now I have a job. Kellie & I volunteer at church every other week and are getting involved. And for the first time in months I don’t feel stuck, I feel like there is movement. God is at work. Things are moving. Stay Tuned!

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