A Change of Perspective

This past Sunday I was serving on the Production team at Elevation Church. That put me backstage during 2 of the services. The screens that are used at Elevation Church are rear projection. The band was on stage singing to a packed house, sharing the love and life of Jesus. I was taking all of this in from a different perspective. The words flashed across the screen to a thumping kick drum and I saw something that I have never seen before. I was singing along with the words of an awesome Hillsong United song written, in reverse from my perspective, and this is what I heard:

And as I live each day, I’ll follow you

But that’s not what I saw. Remember I’m standing backstage, it’s hard to hear, it’s really really loud and it’s dark. And I’m trying to read the lyrics on the screen in reverse. Here is what I saw:

ouy wollof ll’I, yad hcae evil I sa dnA

Big freakin’ deal, I hear you say. But not so. For some reason this is how I saw it in my delusional state of darkened, loud, unfamiliar surrounding mind.

ouy wollof ll’I, yad hcae EVIL I sa dnA

My thought imediatily! Why is the word live in reverse evil? To tell you the truth it freaked me out a bit. but it also got me to thinking. Maybe if we don’t really live, maybe if we are just making it by, maybe if we are not engaged in living life to the fullest….Maybe that’s evil.

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