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It’s not very often that my brother sends me a book in the mail. In fact, he has never sent me a book. He knows of my obsession with pages of black on white. Time after time he calls me to see what book he should read next. I suggest various titles. This tends to work pretty good. I get to suggest books that stretch traditional thinking and he grows through the process. But for the first time he not only suggests a book for me to read, but takes the step further and sends me a copy via I figure if he is going to not only suggest a book, but spend his hard earned money to send it to me, I better read it. And read I did. Here is what I learned through this beautiful book:

God is Different.
God is Incredible.
God is Ever-Loving.
God is Concerned.
God is Beautiful.
God is Funny.
God is Caring.
God is Giving.
God is Involved.
God Is.

I knew these things before, but now they seem to ring more true. Buy the book, read it, and be challenged.

    • Dusty
    • May 9th, 2008

    Dude it was my pleasure. It really stretched me and allowed me to see God in a new light.

  1. I read this book. A friend from California sent it to me, so I felt obligated to read it.
    It was great. “Ditto” to all you said above.

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