The Sounds of A Silent God

I often wonder what the real purpose of Elijah being on that famed mountain was. You know the one where he heard that “Still Small Voice.” I have heard and even preached that hearing God though the noise was the point of this God sized test of Elijah. First Wind, then Earthquake, then Fire…THEN, STILL SMALL VOICE. The Silence of God gets overlooked for the Still Small Voice of God. We tend to focus on the words and not so much on the silence. But maybe the silence was the point. Maybe instead of teaching Elijah how to hear his voice, God was teaching Elijah to enjoy his majesty.

Elijah was talking to God before the wind, earthquake and fire experience. God asked Elijah what he was doing. Elijah gave his sob story. A two way conversation was already being had. Then God said, “go stand outside, I’m about to show up, for real.” If hearing His voice was the point, Elijah was already tuned in.

I think God likes to show off. And he did. Boom, Oklahoma style Tornado. Boom, Boom, Boom, San Francisco Bay Bridge style Earthquake. Boom, Chicago style Fires. Then that same voice he had been talking with earlier. But this time, Elijah’s face was covered, he had just seen God at work. Again the question from God, what are you doing? Again the sob story from Elijah, but this time with more humility. God had Elijah’s attention.

So enjoy the sounds of a silent God, learn from them, embrace them, be awed by them, because while his voice may be silent, his majesty never is.

  1. Good stuff. It’s hard for me to compliment you right now, because I’m hurt by not making your “people I’d like to have lunch with” list. If you ever do a “people I’d like to have breakfast with” list…I’d better be on it.

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