A Blog Hit Experiment

I have often wondered how to be a better blogger. How do I drive more traffic to my site? I have come to the conclussion that you must:

A. Pastor a church of the Awesomeness or
B. I’m still trying to figure out what B is

I have seen the trend in my own blog, whenever i link to another blogger like this guy, he’ll come back to see what is said about him. I do it too. When I see that she has linked to my site, I want to know what she said about me, so I head over to her blog. It’s the beauty of the blog world.

I would be willing to bet by linking guys to my blog like him, and him, and him, and him, and him, and him, and him, and him, and him, and him my hits will double maybe even triple today. Partially because these guys, like myself, wants to know what’s being said about them, and partially because technorati makes access to what’s being said in blog world pretty easy.

Disclaimer: There is no point to this blog and to my defense, I don’t know most of these guys, but most of them seem uber cool. Check out their stuff.

  1. Ed Young wanted me to tell you he read it….J/K…I have no idea.

    Interesting test….maybe we should have a blog experiment with everyone doing it. I personally don’t even read too many of those guys anymore cause they don’t do comments on their blog. I like to be able to add to the community…but some of their blogs aren’t about that.

  2. Hi D’Art.
    I’m just doing my part to kick your blog hits through the roof. Now, hook a brother up with a link in your sidebar and I’ll give you back some of the same sidebar love. I’m waiting……………..

  3. I always like going to your blog… it gives me ideas…… check out the SecureGive blog today…. if you know any churches that want our service for free for one year let them know…..


    thanks bro christopher

  4. crackhead…blog sabotage for you now.

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