Where’s the Line?

Where is the line between “acting stupid” and “stepping out in faith”?  Is there a line?  I went to a church planters conference a couple of months ago and I sat in on a breakout, there the presenter said we must “step out in faith but not be stupid.”  That line has stuck with me the past couple of months.  I know that I haven’t been doing this church planting thing a long time, and I know that I’ll get smarter along the way, but I don’t think there is a line.  Doesn’t stepping out in faith always look stupid to the cynical eye?

  • Peter, don’t be stupid, don’t get out of this boat, you’ll drown
  • Matthew don’t be stupid, by following that guy will forfeit your 401k
  • Jonathan don’t be stupid, you can’t fight all those guys by yourself with just one sword
  • David don’t be stupid, that dude is a Giant, he’ll kill you
  • Noah don’t be stupid, a boat, you know how far we are from the beach
  • Abraham don’t be stupid, God didn’t tell you to sacrifice your son
  • Jacob don’t be stupid, that guy will jack your hip if you wrestle him
  • Moses don’t be stupid, you can’t even speak and you want a meeting with who
  • Jesus don’t be stupid, dying on a cross won’t change anything

Don’t tell me not to be stupid.  I’ve got to much invested into this thing to play it safe now.  If following what I feel Jesus has called me to looks stupid to you, I’m sorry.  You stand back and look down your nose at me.  I’m going after it.  Stupid or not.

  1. Taking the same actions without being sensitive to the Holy Spirit would be stupid. Ignoring the burden God has placed in your heart: Stupid. Allowing ‘flesh’ to speak into your heart, where you know God has already spoken: Dangerously stupid.


  2. We can talk about ‘Stupid’ on Friday D’Art. I look forward to our time bro.

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