The Few, The Proud

Tomorrow I get a unique opportunity. I get to speak at the chapel at the Marine Corp Recruit Depot Parris Island. Parris Island is where all Marines east of the Mississippi River start their careers. They spend time learning to be the few and the proud during this 12 week hellish boot camp. They are trained to protect and honor our country. And I get the chance to speak hope and love into them for an hour this coming Sunday. I get to tell them about Jesus. I’m pretty excited. Pray for me.

    • Zach
    • March 30th, 2008

    Just remember, you’re probably the only person that will talk to them thats not yelling at them this week. They need you. Chapel at P.I. is one of my best church memories.

  1. Hey, your prayer to Jesus was inspiring. He’s working through your dessert and your Promise Land can’t be far away. Good luck talking to the marines. You’ll rock. The Joel Osteen toothpaste link you sent me was divinely inspired. It reminded that God loves me and wants me to be happy (and to have minty fresh breath). Take care bro.

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