Puddle Jumping and Nose Bleeds

Last night it rained.  You know the good hard pounding type of rain?  OK, it wasn’t that type, but it was rain non-the-less.  And enough rain to make puddles at that.  The girls wanted to use their new umbrellas, so we headed out for a walk, in the rain, with three little girls, in the rain, with umbrellas, in the rain.  At first not my idea of a lovely evening stroll, but hey, I had nothing else to do, so I went.  On the way back from our brief walk I had a brilliant idea…let’s jump in some puddles.  At first the girls were a bit leery about making the jump since we usually forbid such shenanigans.  But this day was different what once was forbidden is now allowed.  Permission granted. I started, and I must say I made a pretty sweet splash.  Dahson, Kadison, and Emmason jumped right in, we had a blast.  Kellie even pulled her pants up and stomped though the waters.  Next time it rains, my kids and I have a date, Puddle Jumping!

Tonight, Emmason our 2 year old was playing right before bed time.  Being the adorable little girl that she is, she was involving everyone in her little game.  On her way to see Grandma, she tripped, and busted her nose on the arm of a dinning room chair.  Blood.  I have never seen so much blood pour from a 2 year olds nose…Come to think of it, I have never seen blood pour from a 2 year olds nose, until tonight.  Emmason cried and cried.  We finally got the bleeding to stop.  She is fine, and so is her cute little button nose.

My point?!?  When playing sometimes you get to jump in puddles and sometimes you get a bloody nose.  Play Anyway.

    • kelliegirl3
    • March 13th, 2008

    Good one!! I choose to play!!

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