Happy Intercalary Year!

In case you forgot, today is the day we celebrate Intercalary Year or Leap Year.  It only comes around every 4 years or so.  I have done a lot of study on this phenomenon, and I have found several different unknown facts about leap year.  Would it be OK to share some of these facts with you?  Here we go.

Seemingly Unknown Facts about Leap Year:

  1. Julius Caesar was the brilliant mind behind leap year.
  2. The game Leap Frog was created on leap year
  3. A year that is not a leap year is called a “loser year”
  4. 98% of Australia is closed on leap year day.
  5. February 29th has little man syndrome, since he’s not as old as all the other days.
  6. Before Y2K everyone worked for free on leap year day, due to a computer glitch.
  7. In Ireland leap year day is better known as “Debauchery Day.”
  8. Julius Caesar was eventually killed because of his creation of leap year.
    • kelliegirl3
    • February 29th, 2008

    More interesting facts:

    St. Patrick let women propose to their men only on one day every 4 yrs….Feb 29. Now, if the man declined, he was fined with something as easy as a kiss, to buying a silk dress, and or a pair of gloves.

    Leapship: a friendship or relationship between 2 leapies.

    Leapophile: people who are not themselves leapies, but like and celebrate leap day.

    Superman is a Leap Year Baby!! The creator decided to give him that birthday.

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