Off the Chain

I love Jesus.  I got the opportunity this week to worship at a couple of different churches that were amazing. 

Sunday night I got to bring my praise to Jesus at the International House of Prayer — Atlanta.  This place has been praising Jesus 24 hours a day for the past 2 years non stop.  It was amazing, when I walked in I could tell that Jesus was there.  It was like the oven was already pre-heated.  The service lasted about 3 hours.  Now usually that’s a long time.  But it wasn’t Sunday night.  

Monday and Tuesday I got the chance to hang out at a church planters conference.  Mountain Lake Church’s worship team helped set the atmosphere for the main stage speakers.  I was challenged by Shawn Lovejoy who talked about the Healthy Leader, he punched me in my big ole’ gut.  Thanks Shawn.  Then Steven Furtick spoke…no, he preached on when the Sun stood still.  He talked about the Audacious Leader.  And challenged us to pray big prayers and act big actions.  I felt exposed. 

I’m daily amazed that my Jesus is off the chain.   

  1. I love being able to check out other churches.

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