Family is Awesome!

Ten things my family members can do that I can not do.

  1. Yodel. My uncle Bill is a yodeling fool.
  2. My brother had “Top Secret” clearance. How cool is that?
  3. Scuba Dive. My sister and her husband are scuba maniacs!
  4. Fly a Jet. My dad has piloted an A6 Intruder when he was in the Navy.
  5. My wife can fold her tongue in half. Ooh, la, la.
  6. Shoot even par. My uncle is a golfing machine.
  7. Tattoo. My cousin-in-law-kinda can give a mean tattoo.
  8. Build a House. My Opa (Grandpa), at age 78 built a house.
  9. Sew. My sister-in-law is a fabric genius.
  10. Play the Banjo. My uncle is a pickin’ hotrod.
    • jamesparsons
    • February 12th, 2008

    And now you’ll have to kill anyone who’s read this. Except for me or Danny, of course.

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