How is it possible?!?!

Here are the Facts:

  1. Tonight we had Chinese Take-Out (CTO) food for dinner
  2. We have never been to this particular place before
  3. We love CTO food
  4. Every CTO you can see the Wok if you look around the cashier
  5. There are picutres of food on the order menu, but look nothing like the item when it comes out
  6. Every single CTO place has the same menu

Here is the crazy thing. The picture comes from a CTO in Flordia, tonight I ate at a CTO in South Carolina, and I still have a menu…THE SAME MENU from a CTO in Georgia that I ate at a couple of months ago. How is this possible? Is there some kind of CTO start up kit that has a step by step process? This is freaking me out a little bit.

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