I made it Home.

Sorry I didn’t write anymore when I was in Boston, well actually I had this conversation with myself.  I said self, why are you blogging while you are in Boston?  Because it helps me process what’s happend in the past day, I replied.  Stop processing and start enjoying the city self, then when you get home, you can process.  So that’s what I did.  I’ll be processing for a couple of days, I’m sure.  Until then I will run you though what I experienced in Boston and some of the things I got to do.  

  • I toured Fenway Park! Awesome.
  • I went to the Celtics game.  And sat snugly between a couple of other guys, but they were drinking so I don’t think they noticed the 300 lb. guy sitting next to them.  Celtics lost. Sad.
  • I met with Hank and John a couple of the pastors from Reunion Church and got great insight. They allowed me to ask a lot of questions and hear first hand about Boston and the spiritual climate of the city.  They are the real deal.
  • I saw Paul Reveres House
  • I hassled some guy selling tickets at the Bruins game.  I got him to sell me the ticket for cheap, then decided not to go, he cursed me, a lot. 
  • I rode the subway everywhere, it was fun to people watch
  • I eavesdropped on a student walking through Harvard Yard talking to his mom.  He used the biggest words I have ever heard, in one sentence.  I decided that my kids will go to Harvard. 
  • People in Boston hate New York sports teams.  In fact there might be a total distain for anything New York.  

It was a great trip.  I’m looking forward to what happens next.  Boston is an incredible town that needs Jesus.

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