Give More

I believe that my world is a bit to consumeristic. I’ll prove it to you. I have some things on my wish list right now that include the following: iPhone, New Furniture, a Job, iMac, second car, vacation, and to cap it off a 47″ LCD TV. I want all theses things just for ME! I have no place on my top 10 list for anyone else but me. I want it all. I bet that you want it all too. I have myspace, facebook, and a blog, all tributes to me. I even check these websites daily to see how many people are reading my stuff. I want to prove my point…every sentence in this paragraph started with the word I. I am selfish.

These things aren’t bad within themselves.  But when the greed of selfishness overcomes the joy of giving, things take a turn down narcissistic ally.  Now I still want all of those things, and I’ll probably even get a few of them.  But this year I want for my focus to be more on giving than receiving.

Here is my list:
Five things I want to give away in my lifetime.

5. A New Car.  Someone once gave me a car.  Actually last year someone gave me a car.  It wasn’t new, and it needed some work, but it was a car.  I know what a blessing having that car is, so one day I want to be able to bless a family with a new car.  Something they can take care of and drive for years without worrying about that monthly payment.

4. A Job. To be apart of God working though someone else’s life would be amazing.  To help someone achieve a dream would be amazing.

3. Vacation for a Family.  Could you imagine the look on that hard working dads face when he was told that someone had given him a week in the Caribbean  for free?!?! All expense paid.  Man that would be awesome.

2. Money.  I give it away everyday, but usually its for my own good.  I want to give more money to the church, to the hungry family, to the YMCA, to help buy shoes for kids in third world countries.

1. A House.  I told Kellie about a year ago that I wanted to be able one day to give a house away.  And I wanted to give it to a struggling family in the ministry.  Someone who has worked hard for the little he has.  But still follows the Lord. That would be simply amazing.

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